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By ko4ppm

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  1. I was able to get this accomplished by hooking my radio up to an external antenna. Seemed to work out pretty well. My house is not in the best location for a strong signal though….

    1. Mike, The web page looks great ! It inspires me to work on some ideas for the Web site and newsletter. Sorry I did not make it to the last club meeting, Upper respiratory-head cold going through our family.

      1. Not currently on the website. Maybe Groups.IO could be a venue to entertain this, we will discuss this at the next Board of Directors meeting and have an answer by the July meeting.

        73 DE KU1U

  2. From the lab at K1VXK…
    Having the time, now retired, I have started to put my toe back into Ham Radio. I started in 1964. Did HF and VHF. I also was a Ham in the Marshall Islands (Kwajalein) several years ago (Raytheon). My background is BsCS, MBAis, Honors Physics. I’ve started to go deep into the digital world of the hobby. This winter I have buildt several systems and configurations. I am not a user of windows software, it’s not my background. I primarily use Linux and MacOS. Mac Laptops, Mac Mini, and Raspberry PI are my platforms. The generic radio I picked was an IC-7300 for digital use (FT8, RTTY). I have a limited antenna (longwire) right now. My projects have included building/reuse of a mac mini 2012 into a digital ham solution – software includes replacing MacOS with Linux Mint (easy), building wsjtx (FT8), FLdigi (RTTY), wfview (panadapter), and hamlib (control/mutiplex interface).
    I have built all configs from opensource (compile/link/install) to learn. Using hamlib I am able to run all the software on the Mac-Mini multiplexed thru one single usb interface to the IC-7300. The Mac Mini is 2012 is cheap and runs like a scalded dog. It beats the Raspberry PI 4B. Mac-Mini 2012 are cheap on ebay (a tip). I also have been doing some python interface coding. I have two python apps running – (again they multiplexed into the 7300). One app has an sqlite (db) that does unlimted bookmarking of a IC-7300 freq/maode/notes. All the db data can be dumped to CSV spreadsheet format or imported from CSV. No hidden data.
    The user can grab a freq/into from the IC-7300 and store it in real time or set the IC-7300 to a freq/mode with a click. Since this is using the open source hamlib interface any radio could be interfaced (Kenwood, Yaesu, SDRs, FunCube, RTL-SDR). The program is in a test phase right now. I can release a screen shot. I also have another python app that solves the time problem on IC-7300. The IC-7300 time clock battery is a problem. There have been several quick attempts to do this, but my solution is using hamlib and network time services. I put the host computer (running FT8) and IC-7300 synced both to network time services. The sync happens every 15 minutes. Program being debugged right now.
    Time is very important to FT8 since transmission and reception are broken into exact 15 second segments. Thought about doing a presentation at the Maine Hamfest — maybe.
    I will attempt to post a screen shot of my app in a comment. Glad to see Digital on thr new web site
    I type way too much,

    1. Just saw your post… I have forwarded this to Cory (KU1U) to take a closer look at. You should be contacted from him as to the availability of open presentation spots at the hamfest…. Thank you for your interest and welcome back to the hobby!

  3. FB on the info and background Ken. Sorry for the delayed response, but I know we have been in touch via email. I have been running JS8 most of the time lately on a QDX QRP transceiver for 80/60/40/30/20 meters, but have only used on 40m so far. The QDX is neat, but not as versatile as I had hoped (wanted to use it for HF Winlink but it is not designed to be used in that capacity). I will have to try it on FT8 soon. The reason I like JS8 is because you can have a real conversation… it is more versatile.


  4. Greetings All.
    Bob, K4SSS here. New member and hope to meet you this weekend at the Hamfest. Just posted some info on my profile page.
    Best regards — Bob

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