Club Meetings now on ZOOM!

We’d like to extend an invite to all existing and prospective new members to attend the meeting in person or virtually. Starting with our May meeting, we will be broadcasting via ZOOM.

To join, please copy/paste (or click on) the website below into your internet browser and enter the meeting ID and passcode where indicated.

Meeting ID: 822 5375 1286

Passcode: 942499


We would like to welcome and introduce the newest club members:

AC1NQ – Ronnie Ray from Lewiston

KC1SRQ – Jeffrey Werder from Monmouth

Tower Down!

Lefty, K1TOL, can clown around about it now but the shock of losing his 110 foot rotating tower with 4 8-element 6 meter yagis after a guy wire anchor failed on 23 March might have been too much for a mere mortal to bear.

-Tim Bubier WT1A

New Club Officers Elected!

At the AARC meeting on Wednesday night, new club officers were elected by the members present. The following individuals were elected:

Club President: Keith Anoe, KE4UCW

Club Vice President: Cory Golob, KU1U

Club Treasurer: Michael Bullins, KO4PPM

Club Secretary: Paul Leonard, KE6PIJ

Lee Trask, W1WLT – Lee will serve on the Board of Directors as the immediate past president of the club.

“We would like to thank the previous officers for their dedication to the club over the past few years. Hope to continue this tradition as we continue to grow this club in exciting new ways.”

By ko4ppm