Local Repeaters & NETS


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145.29-0.6 MHz100.0 / 100.0Wales, Oak HillAndroscogginW1PIGFM
146.610-0.6 MHz88.5 / 88.5Lewiston, Applesass HillAndroscogginW1NPPFM Fusion
146.895-0.6 MHz103.5 / 103.5LivermoreAndroscogginW1NPPFM Fusion
147.225+0.6 MHz123.0 / 123.0Livermore Falls, Moose HillAndroscogginW1BHRFM
53.05-1.0 MHz136.5LitchfieldKennebecK1AAMFM
145.17-0.6 MHzCC12AugustaKennebecKQ1LDMR
145.24-0.6 MHzCC12Sidney, Quaker HillKennebecKQ1LDMR
146.625-0.6 MHz114.8 / 114.8Sidney, Quaker HillKennebecN1UBFM Fusion WIRES-X
146.67-0.6 MHz100Augusta, Sand HillKennebecKQ1LFM
146.7-0.6 MHzCC12LitchfieldKennebecN1ITRDMR
146.76-0.6 MHz103.5WinslowKennebecKD1MMFM
146.925-0.6 MHzCC12 100.0Waterville, Waterville Fire Station / EOCKennebecKQ1LFM DMR
146.955-0.6 MHz100.0 / 100.0AugustaKennebecKA1SHUFM AllStar
147.255+0.6 MHz114.8 / 114.8Gardiner, Libby HillKennebecKB1RAIFM
224.72-1.6 MHz AugustaKennebecKQ1LFM
145.39-0.6 MHz100.0 / 100.0Farmington, Mosher HillFranklinW1PIGFM
147.18+0.6 MHz123.0 / 123.0Farmington, Mosher HillFranklinW1BHRFM EchoLink
449.075-5 MHz114.8FarmingtonFranklinW1IMDFM
449.925-5 MHz FarmingtonFranklinW1BHRFM
53.37-1.0 MHz136.5HiramOxfordK1AAMFM
145.32-0.6 MHzCC12Buckfield, Streaked MtnOxfordK1YFYDMR
146.88-0.6 MHz100.0 / 100.0Buckfield, Streaked MtnOxfordK1YFYFM Fusion
146.91-0.6 MHz100Rumford, Black MtnOxfordN1BBKFM
147.015+0.6 MHz103.5 / 103.5Hiram, Peaked Pass MtnOxfordK1AAMFM
147.12+0.6 MHz136.5 / 136.5Norway, Pike HillOxfordW1OCAFM
224.62-1.6 MHz103.5HebronOxfordW1IFFM
442.2+5 MHz82.5HiramOxfordW6BZFM
449.025-5 MHz82.5WoodstockOxfordW1IMDFM

ANDY Club Net

The Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club meets on frequency 146.610 (88.5) once a week at 7:00PM on Thursday nights.


The ARES / RACES Net meets on Frequency 146.610 (88.5) once a week on Thursday nights at 7:30PM.


If you would like to announce other nets on this page, please send a message to any club officers or staff.