AARC By-Laws



Amended March 7, 1990

Article I –– Purpose

     To further exchange of information and co-operation between persons commonly interested in Amateur Radio, to promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operation efficiency and to so conduct club programs and activities as to advance the general interest and welfare of the amateur radio community, and for social and recreational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provisions of any future United States internal revenue law.


     All persons interested in amateur radio shall be eligible for membership as provided by Article 5 of the Articles of Incorporation.


Section 1. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual meeting of members shall be held the first Wednesday of April each year as such place as shall be designated in a notice of the meeting.

Section 2. REGULAR MEETINGS. Regular meetings shall be held at 7 PM on the first Wednesday of each calendar month at such place as the President shall order.

Section 3. SPECIAL MEETINGS. Special meetings may be called by the Pres. or by the Board of Directors or upon request (written) of any five club members. Notices shall be sent to members concerning special meetings and the business to be transacted. Only such business as designated shall be transacted. Such notices shall be postmarked at least 7 days prior to the meeting time.

Section 4. QUORM. At meetings provided for in section 1, 2, 3, of this article, a quorum shall constitute a minimum of five (5) members and a vote of two thirds of members present shall be needed to pass any transaction.


Section 1. The officers of this corporation shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and such officers as shall from time to time be chosen.

Section 2. Such officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority vote of the members present and shall hold office until the Annual Meeting of the following year or until such time as their respective successors shall be elected. Vacancies occurring in the offices may be filled by majority vote of members present at any regular or special meeting.

Section 3. Officers may be removed by a three-fourths a vote of the membership


Section 1. PRESIDENT. Shall preside at all meetings of this club, and conduct the same according to the rules adopted. He/she shall enforce due observance of the articles of incorporation and By-Laws, decide all questions of order, sign all official documents that are adopted by the club, and none others, and perform all other customary duties pertaining to the office of President.

Section 2. VICE-PRESIDENT. Shall assume all duties of the president in absence of the latter. He/she shall also serve as chairperson of the activities committee.

Section 3. SECRETARY. Shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings, keep a roll of all members, carry on all correspondence, read communications at each meeting, and mail written meeting notices to all members. He/she shall keep the articles of incorporation and bylaws of the club and have the same available at every meeting. He/she shall cause all amendments, changes and additions to be noted thereon and shall permit the same to be consulted by the members of the club upon request.

Section 4. TREASURER. Shall receive in receipt for all monies paid to the club. He/she shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expanded. He/she shall pay no bills over $50 without proper authorization by the club or the Board of Directors. At each regular meeting he/she shall submit an itemized statement of receipt and disbursement. At each Annual Meeting he/she shall submit an Annual Report for the fiscal year he/she shall at the expiration of his/her term of office turn over everything in his/her possession belonging to the club to his/her successor. He/she shall submit his/her financial records to the Board of Directors for audit by the board at least once a year.


     The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the immediate Past-President. Vacancies may be filled by a majority vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting. The President shall act as Chairperson.


     An Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held at the same time and place as Annual Meeting of members. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called at any time by the President, or by two members of the board, and shall be held at the same time and place designated in the notice of such meeting. Notice of any Special Meeting shall be mailed or given by the Secretary to each Director at least five days before the date of the meeting. A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


     An Activities Committee, a Technical Committee, a Public Relations committee shall be appointed annually by the President. Such other standing or special committees may be appointed by the Board of Directors, or a majority of the membership may be deemed necessary.

Section 1. Activities Committee shall organize club member activities, plan, and recommend contests for operating benefit in advance club interest in activities approved by the club. Shall maintain close liaison with the ARRL Androscoggin County Emergency Coordinator (EC) or the Maine Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) to further club participation in the Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC). Shall encourage new stations and reporting activities to the club into the elected Section Communication Manager of the ARRL. All these things to make the reputation of the club in amateur radio activities in the community as outstanding as possible. The Vice President shall serve as a Chairperson of the Activities Committee. He/She may appoint traffic subcommittee or assistance to aid him and specific branches of activity.

Section 2. TECHNICAL COMMITTEE. Shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the clubs repeater and all of its associated equipment. It shall formulate adequate plans for distribution of any cases of interference to the other radio services were reported as caused by an amateur station operating in the area of the club jurisdiction. Will provide technical advice to members concerning equipment design and operating to assist in frequency observance, clean signals, uniform practice, and absence of serious radiation from club member stations.

Section 3. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE. Shall maintain a program to foster and guide the public relations of the club.


     The Station Trustee shall be responsible for the club license in the use of the same. He/She shall be entitled to free membership for as long as he/she remains Station Trustee.

Article X — DUES

     The club by majority vote of those present at any regular meeting, may levy upon the membership such dues or assessments as shall be deemed necessary for providing funds for operating expenses and to carry on the business of the club within its objectives set forth in its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. Non-payment of such dues in assessment shall be cause for expulsion from the club two(2) months after they are due and payable. Any new licensed amateur radio operator shall be given a one (1) year free membership upon acceptance of his/her application for membership. The station trustee shall be given free membership for as long as he/she shall serve as Station Trustee yearly membership dues shall be paid upon acceptance of application for membership and yearly thereafter during the anniversary month of such acceptance.


     The Corporation’s fiscal year shall be from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Article XII — Amendments

     The Articles of Incorporation and/or the By-Laws may be amended by a one fourth vote of the total membership. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing at a regular, special or annual meeting and shall be voted on at the next following meeting, provided all members have been notified by mail of the intent to amend the Articles of Incorporation and/or the By-Laws at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting day that such amendments shall be voted upon.

Article XIII — RULES

     Roberts Rules shall govern proceedings at all meetings.

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