Effective February, 26th 2023, the Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club website has gone through a significant upgrade in an attempt to bring valuable information to the membership! Throughout the next few months, this site will continue to grow and add features to enhance the membership experience. Please continue to check back as new features will be added weekly.

Dick Knight – N1NYW

The Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club would like to dedicate the new website in the memory of the previous site editor Dick Knight. Dick passed away on January 12th of 2023 and was the previous Secretary of the club. His years of effort will continue to inspire and serve as the backbone of the new site as it continues to develop. Thank you from the membership of the club as your legacy will continue to live on within the code of this website.

Ideas for a great addition to this Website?

We are always looking for better was to improve the information we provide our members. If you have any ideas for additions or changes to this site, please contact Michael at KO4PPM@gmail.com. You may also bring up ideas at the club meetings to share and discuss with other members.

By ko4ppm