Field Day is quickly approaching. It will be held on Saturday June 24 through Sunday June 25, 2023 at Beaver Park, 37 Cotton Rd, Lisbon, Maine. This will be a joint operation between the Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club (AARC) and Androscoggin ARES/ RACES Team. 

Please use this sign up sheet to indicate which hours you would like to operate. They are listed by day in 1-hour block increments. Next to the time, please enter your callsign only. If you have NEVER operated in Field Day before, please enter your callsign under the GOTA column. Operators on Radio 1 and Radio 2 can switch between their time blocks to ensure they have a chance to operate on other bands. Times are listed in 24-hour Clock format, 1400 = 2:00 PM, 0000= Midnight, etc.

At the bottom of the sign up roster, there is a place for people to help set up and take down equipment for field day (Before and After the event). Times are listed in 24-hour Clock format. 1800 = 6:00 PM

Our Goal is to sustain operation for the entire 24-hour period of field day. Your participation is important!

If you are just attending Field Day in any capacity (such as visiting, but not operating), please put your Callsign under the “Meals” list so we can ensure enough food is on hand. It would be appreciative if everyone could attend Saturday Evening Dinner so that we can get a group club photo.

2023 Field Day Attendance/Operation/Set Up/ Take Down Sign Up

If you are a ham, put your callsign, if you are not a ham, put your first and last name.

Thank you for your assistance. We are looking forward to an enjoyable, fun-filled weekend. Please sign up for shifts if you plan to operate, even if it is only one hour. Anything helps. We should have people on hand to help you operate if you are new to it and would like assistance. This is intended to be fun and a learning opportunity. 

Want to learn more about Field Day? Rules and FAQs are listed below from the American Radio Relay League:

73 DE KU1U


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