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   Welcome to the Andy Club Swap Shop. If you have ham radio items you would like to sell, swap, trade or give away, or are looking for something that is used in the ham radio hobby we would like to hear from you. Simply tell us what you are looking for or what you have to sell and the asking price and we will post it on this page. Send all requests for space on this page to Webmaster and include information about what you are looking for or what you have for sale. Be sure to include contact information, either a phone number or email address or both.

Flex 5000a,
2 receivers,
Firewire card
Firewire cable.
Flex control Knob.

Asking $1500.00 

Please contact Jim:


I have a Yaesu FT-60R, along with charging station and lapel mic for sale.  The radio is barely used, however there are some teeth marks on the antenna thanks to a curious cat.  I am asking $125 for the entire package.  I can be reached via email at

For sale: I have to down size living space and have a mint condition Icom R-75 and other receivers that are looking for a new home. Call Richard Maxwell phone 207-520-8171 or 207-520-4212.

 A High Sierra screwdriver 1500 antenna. Please note High Sierra no longer in production, however the instruction manual with photos is on line. This unit has been stored for some time before I purchased it in Jan. Will sell for $100.  Also listing a TS-50, AT-50 and power supply.
I may be reached at 207-667-8642 Ellsworth number,
Everett, KA1BFA,

The following items are from the estate of WA1JTH.

1.  Alinco DJ-X2000 intelligent rcvr.  $400.00

2.  2 - Radio Shack HTX-200 2 meter vhf. Make an offer.

3.  1 - Astron 20 amp P. S. 13.8v.   $35.00.

4.  All of the following is Radio Shack.

       1 - Clamp-on ammeter/multimeter  $20.00

       1- mini digital multimeter $5.00

 All items are in good working condition.  Please contact

W1DEY  454-7764,

             Kenwood TS - 530S
Kenwood TS-530S, Kenwood SP-230 external speaker and Kenwood MC-50 Dynamic $250
or possibly trade for 2 meter or 10 meter radio.

 I have a Kenwood TS-480s for sale $650.  Still in production.
#                                             TS-480hx
 207-377-2182 or   Could deliver it to Bath/Brunswick area.

Szadis, K1GDI

K1GDI,  listing DX Engineering Hex Beam with Maxi Core feedline balun,
rotor and cables . 10,12,15,17,20 inclusive.  Retail for $900.  Take

                                                 HEX antenna

Best part is this is pretty much assembled from recent use.  Stood up                                                              
to ice storms and hurricane gust winds.  Worked 30 countries qrp in                                                      
one week and give credit to the hex.  Maybe cash and trade?

Light weight, mounts on chimney or light tower arrangement.  Moved to
small house and not convenient for me. K1GDI@ARRL.NET or
I have a lightly used Icom ID-880H mobile transceiver for sale.
The first $290.00 takes it home.
Mike Grace/KA1RTW

Collins s-32 transmitter receiver power supply and speaker in mint condition with manual $ 2000. Contact n1bbk at 357-7066.
I have a couple of items for sale:

1) 65+ feet of 16 ga. stranded/5 cond. cable. Jacket is black and marked as "sun resistant/ direct burial"
   With an external pair, this would make for some really heavy duty rotor cable. $20.00

2) 75+ feet of 14 ga. stranded/3 cond. cable. Jacket is black and marked "sun resistant". $15.00

From the estate of Pete, K1HZU.
Still a lot of older Kenwoods out there and someone may need this: I have a Service manual (in like new condition) for a Kenwood TS-440s transceiver. Asking $15 (shipped). My email is good on or call me at (207) 225-3886. or email me. (email address is

I have a triband Yaseu HandHeld walkie with software forsale BRAND new from 
HamCity and im looking to sell it all for $275.00. Just got it 3 days ago. 2m
440m and 220

Jason Thompson

Cell- 207-713-0093
I have a number of ham radio items that I would like to swap with either the club or an individual:

Heathkit HW-101 Transceiver
HP-23 Power Supply
HM-102 Wattmeter
Manuals for above

Ameco TX-62 6/2 meter Transmitter
Ameco VFO-621 VFO
Manuals for above

Icom IC-22 2m FM Transceiver

Icom IC-230 2m FM Transceiver with accessories for digital communications

Yaesu FT-221R 2m multimode transceiver (no LSB)

Harris RF-485D 12 volt power supply

I am looking for a 14 foot aluminum skiff with trailer. I have an outboard so all set for engines.


73 Mark K1RMC

Looking for a Hallicrafter SX 101A receiver and HT-32 or 37 or 44 xmitter.
Ben Thomas 207-632-7456
73's K1BRT

Tina, KB1TDS has to liquidate her radio gear.   She may be contacted at (207) 441-3129 or via e-mail to negotiate price and acquisition of gear.
Kenwood TS570D
purchased new, less than 1 hour use, testing purposes.  Mint cond.  currently mounted in storage rack case.  Asking Price:  $650.00
ref specs here:
Yaesu DR-635
purchased new, less than 1 hour use, testing purposes.  Mint cond.  currently mounted in storage rack case.
Also, this unit is “opened” to operate on both Ham and commercial bands for both 2M and 440.  Asking Price:  $300.00
ref specs here:
Marine Band
Uniden Solara DSC
purchased new, no use.  Mint cond. currently mounted in storage rack case.  Asking Price: $100.00
ref specs here:
Uniden BC355C
purchased new, no use.  Mind. cond. currently mounted in storage rack case.  2 available Asking Price:  $75.00 ea.
ref. specs here:
Uniden BC898T Trunk Tracking
purchased new, no use.  currently stored in rack case. Asking price:  $125.00
ref. specs here:
Wide Band Receiver
Yaesu VR5000
purchased used but in mint cond.  no use.  currently stored in road case.  Asking price:  $350.00
ref. specs here:
Power Supply
Astron SSC25
Switching power supply.  110vac to 12vdc, 25amp.
older model, no meters.  Asking Price:  $100.00
Alinco EME-11
Tie clip style microphone.  Similar to the EME-15 (ref )
New in box, 2 available.  Asking Price:  $20.00 ea.
Motorola HMN 9396B
mobile style handheld microphone that is set up to plug into 2m portable radios
used, 2 available  Asking Price:  $10.00 ea.
Heil GM5
New, in wrapper. Never used.  Cables included.
ref. specs here  Asking Price:  $100.00
two handheld CB radios with weather alert feature.  Asking Price:  $20.00 ea.
two mobile mount CB radios.  Asking price:  $20.00 ea.

Wanted: Any ham equipment to donate to a new ham in Brownfield Maine. Anything from power supplys, transceivers, feed line, antennas etc. Looking forward to putting up a repeater in the Brownfield "flats" area.  Contact Mike kb1wkt

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