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W1LWT-L 147.420 MHz Lisbon,Maine  node# 423344

HF Nets

Contries with Third Party Traffic Agreements

Maine Public Service Net
9:00am Sunday 3940 khz.

Maine Emergency Communications Net
Net Manager: Harry McNelley N1TTT
4:30pm Sunday 3940 kHz  Back up Frequency 7180

Seagull Net
Net Manager:
Gerald Burns K1GUP
5:00pm Monday - Saturday 3940 kHz

Maine Slow Speed Net
6:00pm Monday-Friday 3585 kHz 

Pine Tree Net
7:00pm Daily 3596 kHz

Wednesday 80 Meter NBEMS Net

7:00 PM, 3.590 MHz USB (3592 USB backup)
Olivia 8/500 at 1000 Hz waterfall center frequency for roll call and check ins.
MT63-1000 long (64 bit) interleave for bulletins, comments and traffic.
Early check ins begin at 6:30 PM.
3922 kHz 4:00pm

Northeast Cracker Barrel Net
3921 kHz 7:00pm summer, 6:30 winter

Green Mountain Net
5:00pm Monday – Saturday 3933 kHz LSB

Waterway Net
0745 ET 7.268 MHz LSB

Ragchew Net
28.46 7:30 Friday
50.20 Ragchew Web 7:30

7255kHz LSB ECARS 7:30a t 2pm
7258kHz LSB MidCars

7262kHz LSB Maine ARES Daytime
East Coast Amateur Radio Service
7255 kHz 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
28.46 MHz USB Net
7:30pm Fridays

VHF Nets

System Fusion Net Fridays at 8:00 p.m. on 147.315 pl 103.5
50.700MHz AM 1500ET Sundays
50.2MHz USB Ragchew
1930ET Tuesdays
146.52 MHz FM-simplex Ragchew 1930ET Thursdays

Androscoggin County ARES/RACES Net
7:00pm Thursday 146.610- MHz 88.5-pl tone
Net Manager/EC: Ivan Lazure N1OXA

Cumberland County Emergency Net
7:30pm Sunday 146.73-  MHz 100Hz pl

Franklin County Emergency Net
Wednesday 7:00pm 147.180+ MHz no-pl tone

Mid-Coast ARES Net
Monday 7:30pm 147.210+ MHz 100Hz pl

Waldo County Emergecy Net
Monday 7:30pm 147.27+ MHz 100Hz pl

York County ARES Net
Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. 147.345 + PL tone 123Hz

Nets on the KQ1L Linked Repeater System

12 County Net

Sunday 0930ET

"Maine NBEMS VHF Net."

Sunday 1900ET   

Swap net

Sunday 1830 ET

Oxford County CERT Emcomm Net

Monday 1930 ET

Pine Cone New QCWA Tuesday 6:30 PM

SKYWARN Training Net
Net Manager: David Lowe WE1U

Wednesday 2000 ET

and Saturdays at 19:30

YL and OM Net

Thursday 2000 ET

SKYWARN Training Net
Net Manager: David Lowe WE1U

Saturdays at 19:30 ET

Time Standards

National Institute of Standards and Technology
WWV Fort Collins, Colorado 2500 kHz, 5000 kHz, 10000 kHz, 15000 kHz and 20000 kHz
WWVH Kekaha, Hawaii 2500 kHz, 5000 kHz, 10000 kHz and 15000 kHz
WWVB Fort Collins, Colorado 60 kH
CHU Ottawa, Canada 3330 kHz, 7850kHz and 14670 kHz

Other Frequencies List
New England Repeaters(Note: Requires Javascript)

Hugh Stegman NV6H Hurricane Frequencies
National Radio Data
RF Wiz

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