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ACORN October 2011

ANDY Club Officers

President: Bill Woodhead N1KAT

Vice President: Earle Gilmore N1SVB

Treasurer: Ivan Lazure N1OXA

Secretary: Dick Knight N1NYW

Trustee: Norm L' Heureux W1SCM

Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club (AARC)

P.O. Box 1, Auburn ME 04212-0001 WEB:

Repeater 146.610MHz No pl tone – Goff Hill, Auburn Maine

Please submit articles, corrections and suggestions by the 16th of the month to Ivan, email at

Table of Contents

ARES/RACES Comments by Ivan N1OXA Androscoggin EC......................2

Andy Club Meetings.....................................................2

2011 Dempsey Challenge October 9th Lewiston ME.........................2

Secretary's Report by Dick N1NYW.......................................3

DX News by Earle N1SVB.................................................4

Coming up …

2011 Maine ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Saturday October 8 2011 It is scheduled to run from 8am to Noon. More info will be coming soon.

2011 Dempsey Challenge October 9th Ham Contact: Ivan at

Volunteer Page:

NEAR-Fest VIII October 15 and 16 2010


Due to Medical Issues Dave, WE1U has resigned as editor of the ACORN and of the Web page for the club. I’m praying for a quick recovery, so I don’t have to do this newsletter each month. If there is a member that would like to edit the Newsletter please contact me at 784-0350.

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Andy Club Meetings

Wednesday October 5th 2011 1900EDT Andy Meeting at LaPage Conference Room

99 Campus Avenue, Lewiston, ME

Wednesday October 19th 2011 1800EDT Androscoggin ARES/RACES Meeting

Androscoggin Unified EMA Office Basement of Central Fire Station

2 College Street Lewiston

Wednesday October 26th 2011 0730EDT Monthly Andy Breakfast

Ramada Inn, Pleasant Street Lewiston, ME

Andy Club On-air Meeting and Net Wednesday October 26 2011 1900EDT

on the Auburn Repeater 146.610MHz no pl. tone If the repeater is down, than go to 146.46 Simplex Freq

Every Thursday at 7pm is the ARES/RACES Net on 146.61. If repearer is down, we use 146.46 simplex

ARES/RACES Comments by Ivan N1OXA Androscoggin EC

Well the month of September had the Windsor Hamfest and the Loon Echo Bike Trek and not much else. The weekly ARES/RACES Nets were also slow and few check ins.

The old day of showing up at a emergency are gone, Most Agencies require some documented training before an emergency. If you are interested in working in an emergency, you need to train and practice. Some of the items include but not limited to: copying and sending messages both SSB and Digital, understanding and working with the ICS system and Net Control. Some of the training can be done on the weekly ARES/RACES net (see above schedule). FEMA has courses that are recommended and not hard at all. You can take them on the internet or by a book. A good start would be the SET on Saturday Oct. 8, 8am to noon. So turn on your VHF radio and tune to 146.61 and participate. Hope to hear you on the SET.

2011 Dempsey Challenge October 8th & 9th Lewiston ME click on Volunteer at top of page. Than scroll down and Click on the Large Volunteer button, than scroll down till you find “Ham Operator”, check small box to left. Fill out the info and submit.

Hams will be providing radio support only on Sunday 9th for the Bike Treks Ham Contact: Ivan N1OXA

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Secretary's Report by Dick N1NYW

A meeting of the Androscoggin Amateur Radio Club was held September 7, 2011 at the Lapage Conference Center in Lewiston. There were fourteen amateurs and one guest present: w1scm and son Charles, n1jd, wa1eoj, n1nyw, kb1doi, kb1cdu, n1kat, n1svb, w1lwt, wa1skp, w1ltx, kb1qhr, k1wtx, n1dot.

The meeting was called to order by President Bill Woodhead at 7:02 PM. Bob w1ltx made a motion to accept the Secretarys’ report as printed in the ACORN. Andy kb1doi seconded the motion. Vote: approved. There was no Treasurers report because Ivan the Treasurer was absent, he was out celebrating his forty first wedding anniversary.

Bill says the in the competition for the Olympics for Ham Radio so far Maine is the Number ONE choice of locations for the event.

The portable simplex repeater that was purchased last month arrived defective and was returned and replacement should arrive any day.

Bill mentioned that some events are coming up, the Windsor hamfest, Loon Echo and the Alexander hamfest and Dempsey Challenge and the Jamboree in Reedfield and hopes hams will participate in those events.

Jerry and David we1u are working on the scenario for the SET and the details will be released a few days before.

Lee w1lwt explained that he is working on a linked repeater system that will have transmitters and receivers on 10, 2, and 6 meters and echo link frequencies, more information will be forthcoming when Lee gets ready to throw the switch.

Bill asked if there is interest in any special talks for the convention the last weekend of next March. Antenna building, RFI and satellites were mentioned and Jerry would like DX courtesy. Bill will try to get speakers.

Plans for this year Christmas meeting were discussed. Bob w1ltx made a motion to have the meeting at Campus Cuisine across the street from our meeting place. Jerry k1wtx seconded the motion. Vote: approved. As of today they serve dinner from 4 to 6 PM. Exact time we should arrive to eat will be decided at the November meeting or before.

Bob w1ltx has a business card from HR distributors and wants them to come to the convention. He will ask them to attend.

Fred wa1skp says that the Heathkit company is working to make a come back.

Andy kb1doi made a motion to adjourn that was seconded by Jerry k1wtx. Vote approved and meeting adjourned at 7:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Dick Knight n1nyw Secretary

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DX News by Earl N1SVB

 During the past month we made 38 DX contacts representing 23 different

countries.  Countries contacted were:

TA3AX, Turkey;  HA7TM, Hungary;  PB6W, Netherlands;  SJ22S, Sweden;  TY1KS,

Benin;  LX1SG, Luxembourg;  4L4WW, Georgia;  MW0YVK, Wales;  LZ1JZ,

Bulgaria;  OZ5EV,  Denmark;  US4IQS, Ukraine;  5Z4/IZ7ATN, Kenya;

CT9/IZ2DPX, Portugal;  TM5SM, France;  DK5OC, Germany;  CT3MD, Madeira Is.;

RV6AWL/p, Russia;  GB2ELH, Shetland Is.;  SV3jzt, Greece;  PY6RT, Brazil;

OM5DX, Slovenia;  YO9HP, Romania;  EB3CW, Spain;

We had no Pacific contact this month.

There are several DXpeditions to various parts of the world coming up in

October.  Some haven’t been assigned a call as yet or the operators will use the country prefix and their home call.

Oct. 03 to Oct. 08    V63/ Micronesia

Oct. 04 to Oct. 26    FR/       Reunion Is.

Oct. 05 to Oct. 11    OJ0X Market Reef

Oct. 08 to Oct. 14    9H3KX Malta

Oct. 08 to Oct. 21    H4OKJ Temotu

Oct. 10 to Nov. 05    V47JA St. Kitts & Nevis.

Oct. 16 to Oct. 19    TX3T Tahiti

Oct. 17 to Nov. 07    E51NOU    So. Cook Is.

Oct. 18 to Nov. 01    3XY1D Guinea

Oct. 19 to Oct. 24    EA6/      Balearic Is.

Oct. 19 to Nov. 09    VK9CX Cocos (Keeling)

Oct. 20 to Oct. 31 MU/       Guernsey Is.

Oct. 20 to Nov. 03 PJ5/      Saba & St. Eustatius

Oct. 21 to Oct. 07 S9/       Sao Tome & Principe

Oct. 21 to Nov. 02    ZF2OE Cayman Is.

Oct. 21 to Dec. 31    ZK2V Nieu

Oct. 23 to Nov. 03    J45PO Dodecanese

Oct. 24 to Nov. 09    3D2T Fiji

Oct. 25 to Nov. 01 FP/       St. Pierre & Miquelon

Oct. 26 to Nov. 03    TL0CW Central African Republic

Oct. 27 to Nov. 11    TU2T Ivory Coast

Oct. 28 to Nov. 04    8Q7SO Maldives

The above DXpeditions are correct to the 10th of the month prior to printing the A.C.O.R.N.  For additions after that date, go to my web page and click On the link “Reported DXpeditions by NG3K”.

I invite any club members that have a computer to visit my web page.  The

address is:

Earle Gilmore, N1SVB