The Home Page of TS-570

Dear friends from over the sea,
thanks very much for visiting my home page.

  My name is Toshio Torii / JA6QXW who designed TS-570. This is the private home page of TS-570.
So this home page has nothing to do with KENWOOD though I'm a KENWOOD manI must say sorry this home page is mainly written in Japanese. It is very hard for me to translate whole page in English. So I made this, the small English index.
  Well, about my latest work, TS-2000, it is also too hard to maintain two home page as private.
  I show you the link list of TS-2000. Please enjoy it.
  My small request.
  Please book mark not this page but for the correct count of visitors. Thank you.

  When your TS-570 is something unusual, please contact to KENWOOD service or the shop where you bought TS-570

<<  contents written in English or Figures >>

#How about KENWOOD style split operation?
#Tips and Tricks:fig,picture
#Sensitivity up! in B.C. band
#AGC OFF Modification

  TX EQ. freq. response

#Pictures of TS-570 & you!
#Dayton Hamvention 2003
 #Small Trip to PALAU with my friend

#You can enjoy actual DSP SOUND of  TS-570. Click the SWs.  : .wav files
#RX 3rd order dynamic range :fig   
#RX sense. :fig   
#digital bar meter :fig




1) DOWN LOAD the screen saver!!
#Kenwood Land Mobile Radio Screen Saver is here!   ( 1234KB)
By courtesy of Kenwood U.S.A. , you can use this program at your own risk.
<<All rights of this program are reserved by Kenwood Communications Corporation.>>  
<< We can not be held responsible, however, for any damage that this software might cause. .>> 


2) Down Load Radio Control Program for TS-570!!

Down Load RCP2, TS-570 PC control software
(This program is designed for D/S type and it can not control some new functions of DG/SG type. )
!CAUTION! Please use female-straight-female (9pin) RS-232C cable 
Control TS-570 through USB Port! Click here.   Oct. 12 2001

7L2DLX-1.gif (19626 ???)  7l2dlx.rad (229kB) Use free!

This not original RCP rad file but user designed rad file. 7L2DLX : Hirayama-san designed.
If you meke your own rad file, please send it here.


NEW!  Aug. 18 2001
#Get EQCALC for TS-570G from here!    EqCalcEF.EXE 1769kB
This program works on Windows 95/98/2000, NT4+SP2.

Final present from Mr. Lo Wang.
Up-grade: Works on Windows 2000 and NT4 + SP2 (necessary).
Functions are same as Beta version's.
Any comment, to Mr. Lo Wang.
#Get EQCALC Beta for TS-570G from here!    eqcalce0.exe 1736kB
This program works on Windows 95/98. 

Known Eratta :
Value "0" is out of range. If you put "0", program will shutdown.
You can add various LP, HP or BPF frequency response in TX.EQ and RX.EQ with EQCALC.

how to use :
0. connect TS-570G and PC with RS-232C cable
1. run EQCALC and make or select new frequency response then write it to TS-570 G
2. select U position (User defined position, may be....) in MENU No14(TX.EQ.) or No50(RX.EQ.)


EQ3.gif (11335 ???)

This program is a present from my friend, Mr. Lo Wang. If you use this program, could you please send any comment by e-mail to him. Your comment will cheer up Mr. Lo Wang.

EQCALC for TS-570G. Thank you for using EQCALC.
Lo Wang

<<EQCALC is free software.>>
<<EQCALC works only for TS-570 G type>>
<<All rights of this program are reserved by the author Mr. Lo Wang>>
<< We can not be held responsible, however, for any damage that this software might cause. You use this at your own risk.>>

If you have a question to KENWOOD, This url is useful for you. <-- click!   
Special link
  2003. June 22new.gif (1108 ???)
Mr. Thierry LOMBRY, LX3SKY.  You can read his comment for TS-570. 
Radio Leo's Vintage Amateur Radio Equipment 2001. May 13
Web master of this home page is one of the friends of mine. Everybody likes Collins.
YL3BU page 2001. Apr. 17
This web page introduces TS-570 in Russian language!  It is sorry that I can not read them. (All quoted contents about TS-570 in his web page are permitted to use by me.)